Mursi Tribe

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In this time I will tell you about Mursi Tribe. Mursi tribe is one of the most unique and one of the most unusual tribes in the world. This tribe live in the Onmo River,in Southern Ethiopia, Africa(near the border with Sudan).
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Sharpened teeth, extending ear, lip plates, giraffe neck and patched Bracelet Nose is a beauty for their tribe. That's why body modification is mostly done by women than men. But whatever the mode of body modification today, all that has been done before by tribes across the world, often for hundreds or Murzu tahun.Suku Mursi are a nomadic cattle herders in Ethiopia near the border with Sudan, one of the country's most isolated. Mursi tribe population is currently estimated 6000 samapai 10,000. The Mursi tribe woman wearing a lip plate is applied to the bottom of his mouth. Friend use this plate is a sign for endurance, maturity and beauty among the Mursi tribe woman. The larger and beautiful dishes tucked in lips, the woman is the higher stamina, the richer and more beautiful. How did they eat premises lips like that? What is clear at this rate may not be known to lip kiss
They are considered the most aggressive ethnic groups. They started drinking since the morning, and be uncontrollable until evening.One interesting fact that they are very specific smell. Maybe we think that they are very rarely bathe, but then you will find that they are always rubbing themselves primarily as protection against all parasites.
The Mursi have their own language called Mursi, which is classified as one of the Surmic languages. The Mursi have a reputation for being one of the more aggressive African tribes and are famous for their stick fighting ceremony – the donga.
The religion of the Mursi people is classified as Animism, although about 15% are Christians
Mursi tribe woman has their own way to beautify herself. They judge the beauty of a wide lower lip wear plate. If their mouth more wider, so more beautiful him. Mursi woman who followed the tradition he deserves to marry 6 or 1 year before getting married Mursi women have to wear lip plates. These lip discs are made of clay.

Women should also pay attention to the local culture. This is because pretty not just measured by how thick make up is used,but other things that make no sense. For the Mursi tribe in Ethiopia, the epitome of beauty instead of make up, such as powder, and lipstick, but her lips wide.The tradition known as 'Labret' is done by punching holes in the bottom lippiercing sort 1-2 centimeters wide. Then, put a kind of round disc in it. Every two to three weeks, they replace the disc with a diameter greater.This lasted untilhis lips reached 15-25 centimeters in diameter. This tradition is usually done by women since the age of 13-16 years, or before the wedding.

          How extreme as it is,can not be separated from the men's view son the word beautiful in the Mursi tribe. They assume that women look beautiful with wide lips lang. With such assumptions, the Mursi tribal menare reluctant to marry a woman who does not have a wide lip. It is revealed that she will do everything possible, in order to gain recognition by the gorgeous men.
As seen in these stunning photographs, their trademark ‘saucer’ lip plate (dhebi a tugoin) has become the chief visible distinguishing characteristic of the Mursi and made them a prime attraction for tourists. A girl’s lower lip is cut, by her mother or by another woman of her settlement, when she reaches the age of 15 or 16. The cut is held open by a wooden plug until the wound heals. It appears to be up to the individual girl to decide how far to stretch the lip, by inserting progressively larger plugs over a period of several months. Some, but by no means all, girls persevere until their lips can take plates of 12 centimetres or more in diameter.
It is often claimed that the size of the lip plate is correlated with the size of a woman’s bridewealth. This is not born out by the fact that the marriages of many girls have already been arranged, and the amount of bridewealth to be paid by their husbands’ families has already been decided, before their lips are cut.

Another common idea is that the practice of cutting and stretching the lower lip originated as a deliberate disfigurement, designed to make women and girls less attractive to slave traders. This ignores the fact that the Mursi themselves do not give such an historical explanation and that the practice is confined neither to Africa nor to women. Amongst the Kayapo of Brazil, for example, senior men wear a saucer-like disc, some six centimetres across, in the lower lip.
Like other forms of body decoration and alteration found the world over (like ear piercing, tattooing, and circumcision), the lip plate worn by Mursi women is best seen as an expression of social adulthood and reproductive potential. It is a kind of ‘bridge’ between the individual and society – between the biological ‘self’ and the social ‘self’.